Tønder Gymansium is situated in Sønderjylland in the southwestern part of Denmark. Sønderjylland is a fascinating region, both in terms of history and geography. From 1864 to 1920 Sønderjylland was a part of Germany and it was reunited with Denmark following a referendum after the end of the Great War. Our shared history, between Denmark and Germany, leads to great mobility across the border. Many of our students live in Germany and go to school in Denmark.

Geographically, we are in the middle of the Danish part of the Wadden Sea, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tønder Gymnasium has about 500 students and approximately 55 teachers. The school is placed in the middle of the town of Tønder and consists of a modernized old building as well as new buildings that surround a beautiful schoolyard – the place to meet up.

The school offers a three year program “STX” with specialized study areas such as natural science, social science, aesthetics and language (Danish, English, German, French & Spanish) Furthermore, Tønder Gymnasium offers a two year program “HF”. We work closely with local businesses; in 2019, we opened Alu Science Center in cooperation with Hydro Precision Tubing. Moreover, our students participate in various voluntary activities.

At Tønder Gymnasium we highly value an international profile. We believe that meeting other cultures and norms strengthen language proficiency, acceptance and tolerance among both students and teachers. It is our tradition that all students go on a field trip for a week during their years in school. The destinations vary depending on their specialized study area and are adapted to fit a course relevant theme.

In school, the students can earn several different language diplomas, which give access to universities in all of Europe. In German, they can acquire Deutsches Sprachdiplom 1 + 2 and in English, they can do Cambridge English Advanced (CAE).

Finally, we should mention that, each year, Tønder Gymnasium receives foreign exchange students from all over the world, who stay for an entire year. Tønder Gymnasium also works closely with various schools abroad, among others:

Friederich-Paulsen-Schule, Niebüll, Germany

Rheingau Schule, Berlin, Germany

Lycée Thuillier, Amiens, France

Malmesbury School, Malmesbury, Great Britain

Voyages South High School, Queens, New York, USA